How much does calligraphy cost?
I provide custom work to my clients, so pricing varies based on a variety of things: timing, quantity, supplies, mediums I am working with, etc. We will have an initial consultation to discuss your needs and I’ll put together a quote for the work required.

How much time do you need for a project?
The short answer is, it varies! The earlier we can connect and get a plan in place, the better. For a larger wedding (100+ envelopes) I typically need at least a month. Of course, we can discuss timing if a rush project is needed, but this may impact pricing.

I have an inspiration piece I’d like you to work off of, is that doable?
I am happy to work with anything you are inspired by, but know that my specific handwriting style may vary. Check out my work section to see some examples of my aesthetic.

Do I need to provide the envelopes for wedding stationery?
If your invitations come with envelopes, we can discuss if the paper quality is suitable for calligraphy. Paper for calligraphy needs to be a certain thickness to ensure the ink doesn’t bleed. I have preferred types of paper that I can recommend and can purchase on your behalf, or if you want to purchase and provide, that works too!

Do you need extra supplies?
For paper lettering, yes, mistakes happen! Whatever amount you need, add 20% more. So for 100 envelopes, we’d need 120 to make sure all of the work is perfect!

Do you provide proofs?
For sure! I also can email images for approval, this is the preferred way.

Do you have large signage or mirrors to customize?
I do not have the space for inventory so any large mirrors, signs, easels need to be provided to me. I do not ship large signs.

Do you work out of state?
Of course! I am located in Chicago, but most things can be shipped directly to you (except large signs) and I have done this a ton!

Can you do a seating chart or invitation?
Yes! Let’s talk about all of your event needs and ideas. While a lot of examples on this site are envelopes and table cards, calligraphy can be applied to just about anything with letters!

What is your preferred working style?
I like using Google docs for us to be able to organize and share what is needed. We will discuss how you’d like letters to be addressed (i.e. the formality of it) and however you fill out the spreadsheet is how I will write the pieces.

What else do you need from me?
The more details we can discuss the better off we will be! We can go through all the details when we chat, to make sure you’re taken care of!

Anything else?
Just drop me a note at kathleen@sonoletters.com.